Filtering or Sorting Hosted Files

Filtering and sorting allows you to locate hosted files in the currently-open folder.


  1. Go to Settings > File Management.
  2. Select the folder you want to work with from the File Systems list.
  3. To filter:
    1. Type in the name of the file you wish to locate in the Filter text box.

      Filter Hosted Files

    2. Click the Filter icon.

    The items that match the filter criteria are displayed. Filtering is not the same as searching. It does not locate files that are located in another folder.

  4. To sort:
    1. Click Sort.
    2. Select a sort option from the list.
      You can sort by:
      • Name: file name alphabetical from A–Z
      • Size: smallest to largest
      • Type: file type alphabetical from A–Z
      • Modification Date: most recent to least recent