Editing a Hosted Image

You can perform basic image editing on your hosted images right in Bronto. With the hosted image editor you can adjust the size of an image or change various color settings.


  1. Go to Settings > File Management.
  2. Check the box next to an image.
  3. Click Manage > Edit.

    The image is opened in a basic image editor.

  4. Click on the type of edit you want to make from the list of editing options.

    The editing tools for that option are displayed above the image and list of options.

  5. Make the desired changes.
    • For Resize or Crop, enter new values in the boxes provided.
    • For Flip/Rotate, click on the relevant, provided buttons.
    • For most color options, slide the bar to the left or right. Some options instantly preview the change for you when you click on them.
  6. To keep your change, click Apply.
    If you do not click Apply before you select another option, your work is not saved.
  7. When you are done making edits to your image you can
    • Click Save to save your image and close the editor.
    • Click the X to close the image editor without saving any of your changes.
    • Click Revert to discard all of your changes but leave the image editor open.