Create Headers And Footers

Using the Headers and Footers option on the Content Menu, you can create headers and footers you can use in your messages.

About this task

While it is fine to just use a default footer for all messages, building multiple headers and footers for each of your email marketing programs can help personalize and distinguish your messages. For example, the footer for your monthly newsletter might be different from the footer for your weekly update.

If you want part of your headers/footers to be consistent across all variations, use content tags to create re-usable blocks of content that you can re-purpose. For more information on content tags, see Content Tags.

Tip: You can pick a default header and footer that will be selected by default when creating new email messages. For more information on selecting a default header and footer, see Select A Default Header And Footer For Emails.

To create a header or footer:


  1. Go to Messages > Headers & Footers.
  2. Click either
    • Create New Footer
    • Create New Header

    You can not add headers to template messages.

  3. Add a name for the header or footer in the Name text box.
  4. In the HTML tab create the HTML version of your header or footer.

    For more information on working with the WYSIWYG editor, see Edit HTML Source Using The WYSIWYG Editor.

    1. For footers, add a link to a Manage Preferences page using the %%!manage_url%% Special tag.

      Footers must include a link to the Manage Preferences page in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant. You can either manually enter the Special Tag %%!manage_url%% or select Manage Preferences URL from the Special Tags list.

  5. Click the Text tab.
  6. Add the content for the text version of the header or footer.

    You need both versions (text and HTML) of a footer so we can include the footer for both text and HTML versions of your message. The plain text footer accompanies plain text versions of your message and the HTML version accompanies HTML versions of your message.

    Note: In order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, we automatically include an opt-out link in all footers. For more information on CAN-SPAM compliance, see CAN-SPAM Act.
  7. Click Save.