Merge Lists And Segments

Merging lists and/or segments together allows you to create a new list that is a combination of the lists or segments you merged together.

About this task

When you merge a list, the number of contacts shown for the merged list will not always reflect the number of active contacts shown on the lists or segments that were merged. Bronto calculates the number of contacts on a list nightly, instead of when the action occurs, to help enhance the performance of the platform, So the lists that you are merging will not show any changes to list membership that occurred since the last nightly update. However, because the merged list is new it will show the combined number of active contacts from both lists at the time the new list was created. If you are concerned, you can use the list's overview page to view the contacts on the merged list in order to confirm the lists were merged correctly. Also, the number of active contacts shown on the new merged list will be updated during the next nightly list count update.

The page for merging lists and merging segments is the same. The instructions for merging lists or segments are described below.


  1. Go to Contacts > Lists or Contacts > Segments.
  2. Click Merge Lists/Segments.
    Merge Lists Page
  3. In the Select Lists and Segments section, select the lists and/or segments you wish to merge.
    Note: This will not delete or overwrite the original lists or segments. If you want to create a list from the current contents of a segment, you can just select the segment you want converted and enter the new list name. You do not need to select multiple segments or lists to make use of the merge feature.
  4. In the Select or Create a List to Merge Into section, select whether you want to create a new list, or merge the contacts into an existing list.
  5. If you selected Create new list:
    1. Add an internal name for your new list in the Internal Name text box.
      The internal name is only visible within your account.
    2. Add an external name for your new list in the External Name text box.
      The external name is the name that will appear to your contacts if you make this list visible on a Webform.
  6. If you selected Merge into an existing list, select the list you want to merge the contacts into.
  7. Click Merge.