Find Newly Created Contacts In Your Account

About this task

The easiest and most efficient way to find the newly created contacts in your account is to create a segment. Create a segment has the added benefit of always staying up to date. You can return to the segment at anytime to view the contacts created in the last X number of days, weeks, months, or years.

To create a segment that contains the newly created contacts in your account:


  1. Go to Contacts > Segments.
  2. To
    • Create a new segment, click Create New Segment.
    • Edit an existing segment, click the pencil icon Edit Segment in the row associated with the segment you want to edit.
  3. Click Add Rule.
    If you want to add this criterion to an existing rule, skip this step.
  4. Click Add Criteria if you want to add another criteria.
  5. Click Contacts.
  6. Click Created Date.
  7. Select Is Within The Last from the first pull-down menu.
  8. Enter a number in the text box.
  9. Select one of the following from the second pull-down menu:
    • Days
    • Weeks
    • Months
    • Years
  10. Click Save And Close.