Create Contact Fields Using A Default Field Type

About this task

When creating new fields, you can select several predefined field types that are representative of the most common fields created by marketers. If you want to create a custom field that does not use a predefined type see Create Custom Contact Fields.

Tip: Any field used in a message must contain less than 1 MB of data.

To create a default field:


  1. Go to Contacts > Fields.
  2. Click Create New Field.
  3. Click the Predefined radio button.
    Create Predefined Fields Page
  4. Select a field from the Predefined Fields pull-down menu. You can select the following predefined fields:
    • Salutation: The following options are provided by default:
      • Dr. (dr)
      • Mr. (mr)
      • Mrs. (mrs)
      • Miss (miss)
      • Ms. (ms)
      • Professor (professor)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Birthday
    • Address
    • Address (Continued)
    • City
    • State (Full Name)
    • State (Two-Letter Abbreviation)
    • State (Uppercase Two-Letter Abbreviation)
    • State or Province
    • Postal/ZIP Code
    • Country
    • Country (Pick From List)
    • Home Phone Number
    • Work Phone Number
    • Mobile / Cell Phone Number
    • Number of Children
    • Highest Level of Education: The following options are provided by default:
      • Some High School (somehighschool)
      • High School (highschool)
      • Some College (somecollege)
      • College (college)
      • Some Graduate School (somegraduate)
      • Graduate Degree (graduate)
    • Marital Status: The following options are provided by default:
      • Single (single)
      • Married (married)
      • Divorced (divorced)
      • Widowed (widowed)
  5. Click
    • Save to finish creating the field
    • Save and Add Another to finish creating this field and add another