Copy Contact Fields

About this task

Copying a field allows you to make a duplicate of an existing field.

Note: After the field is copied, a notification message will appear that provides you with a link to view the copied field and associated values in .csv file format.

To copy a field:


  1. Go to Contacts > Fields.
  2. Click Copy Field Copy Field.
  3. Add a name for the field in the Name text box.

    The name for a field is an internal designation chosen when creating custom fields, for example, the "height" field. The name can contain both upper and lower case alphanumeric characters, and can also have underscores.

    Warning: The Name cannot contain dashes or spaces.
  4. Add a label for the field in the Label text box.

    The label for a field is an external label associated with the field. The label is chosen when creating custom fields. For example, the label for the "height" field might be "Enter your height:".

  5. Select the visibility for the field using the Visibility pull-down menu.

    There are two visibility options you can select when creating custom fields. Public fields are visible to you and can be made visible to your contacts. Private fields are visible only to you.

  6. Click Save.