Set Up A Shopify Connection

Follow these steps to connect your Shopify account to your Bronto account.

About this task

Your Shopify account must be configured to let Bronto have access permissions to the following Shopify scopes: read_orders, write_customers, read_products, write_script_tags, and write_themes. See Shopify documentation related to OAuth authentication for more details about how to grant this access.

This topic only covers how to perform the initial connector set up. After you connect your Shopify account to Bronto, you will need to use Bronto to configure what data is imported and map Shopify data to Bronto data, as appropriate. For information about how to do configure different data imports, see the Shopify Connector topic for the type of data you want to import.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. Click Shopify.
  4. Enter the domain for your Shopify account in the Shop Domain box.

    You can acquire your domain from the URL bar when you are logged into your Shopify account.

  5. Select whether this Shopify account is a Production or Sandbox account from the Instance Type list.
    This indicates whether the account you're using is "live" or not. It works as an indicator to people working with the connector and does not affect the data in Bronto. If desired, you can configure both types of connections and promote the settings from one connection to the other.
    Note: You cannot register the same Shopify store to both a production and sandbox connection in a single Bronto account. Each Shopify store can only be registered to one Bronto connector instance. This also means that you cannot connect the same Shopify store in more than 1 Bronto account. This applies to any DNS entry that resolves to the same domain as well.

    When you finish your testing, you can click the promote icon, enter the domain of the production instance, and click Prepare. Doing this will promote the settings from your Sandbox to your Production site.

  6. Click Login.
  7. Log into your Shopify account.
  8. If prompted in Shopify, add the Bronto app to your Shopify account.

    The connection is configured and is shown on the list of configured connectors in Bronto. The connection is not exchanging data with Bronto at this point.

  9. Continue to the appropriate configuration topics to enable data exchange:
    • Click here to learn how to set up contact data imports
    • Click here to learn how to set up product data imports
    • Click here to learn how to set up order data imports
    • Click here to learn how to set up app integrations
    • Click here to learn how to import historical contact or order data