Shopify Connector Auto Configuration

Follow these steps to use auto configuration when setting up your Shopify Connector.

About this task

Note: If you have already configured a product feed to sync to Bronto, enabling a Connector will disable your product feed. During auto configuration, the Shopify Connector will be set up for Product Data Imports.
You have the option of configuring your Shopify Connector integration manually or automatically. When auto configuration is selected, Bronto will automatically assign field mappings from Shopify to Bronto, create new fields in Bronto, and assign settings based on industry best practices. You will have the option of deleting any auto configured mapping, settings, or newly created field.

If manual configuration is selected, you will need to manually create new fields in Bronto and build all mappings between Shopify and Bronto. You will also need to configure Connector settings.

When you select auto configuration, the following will be configured:
  • Contact fields
  • Address fields
  • Opt-in settings
  • Creation of opt-in and opt-out lists
  • Order settings
  • Order field mappings
  • Products module settings

Some components including the Integrations and Messages sections cannot be auto-configured because of the uniqueness of each Shopify storefront.


  1. Connect your Shopify account to Bronto by setting up a Shopify connection.
  2. In the Choose Your Configuration window, click Create New Fields (Auto).
    Table 1. Contacts Settings
    Setting Value
    Enable Connection On
    Sync Empty Values Yes

    The following contact fields will be created if they do not already exist.

    Table 2. Contacts Fields
    Shopify Entity Field Bronto Field Label Bronto Field Name Bronto Field Data Type
    Shopify ID Shopify ID shopify_id text
    First Name First Name firstname text
    Last Name Last Name lastname text
    Created At Created At created_at date
    Updated At Updated At updated_at date
    Customer State Shopify Account State shopify_accountr_state pulldown
    Tags Shopify Customer Tags shopify_customer_tags text

    The following address fields will be created if they do not already exist.

    Table 3. Address Fields
    Shopify Entity Field Bronto Field Label Bronto Field Name Bronto Field Data Type
    Company Company company text
    Address 1 Address address1 text
    Address 2 Address (Contd.) address2 text
    City City city date
    State/Province State state date
    State/Province Code State (Uppercase Two-Letter Abbreviation) state_abbrev_uc pulldown
    Country/Region Country country text
    Country/Region Code Country Code country_code pulldown
    Zip Postal/ZIP Code postal_code text
    Telephone Phone Number phone text
    Table 4. Opt-Ins Settings
    Setting Value
    Enable Connection On
    Send Unsubscribe Status to Shopify Yes
    Add Opt-Ins to List Create list with internal name ShopifyAcceptsMarketing and external name Shopify Accepts Marketing
    Remove Opt-Outs From List same list
    Table 5. Order Settings
    Setting Value
    Enable Connection On
    Assign this Status in Bronto Processed
    Import Orders with Status Pending, Authorized, Partially Paid, Customer Paid, Fulfilled, Partially Refunded, Closed
    Delete Orders with Status Voided, Refunded, Canceled
    Table 6. Order Fields
    Bronto Field Shopify Field
    Order ID Order Name
    Other SKU
    Table 7. Product Settings
    Setting Value
    Enable Connection On
    Variant Title Format Shopify Original Value
    Add Parent Title to Variant Yes
  3. Review your settings after configuration.