Configure Shopify App Integrations

The Shopify Connector can be used to supply data to several Bronto apps. Use Script Manager in combination with the Shopify Connector to take advantage of the latest Bronto features.

About this task

Use the Shopify Connector and Script Manager to configure Bronto features. Review the configuration table to figure out the recommended setting for each app. The recommended settings will take advantage of the latest Bronto commerce data tools.

Bronto recommends using Script Manager to enable and configure Browse Recovery, Recommendations Web, and Recommendations Premium. Use the Shopify Connector integration for Cart Recovery, Order Capture, Coupon Manager, and Pop-Up Manager.
Table 1. Shopify Recommended Configuration
Description Connector App Setting Script Manager Feature Setting
Cart Recovery On Off
Recommendations Web Not applicable On
Recommendations Premium Not applicable On
Order Capture On Off
Coupon Manager On Not applicable
Pop-Up Manager On Not applicable


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Enable Script Manager to include the Bronto script manager code included on each page on your e-commerce site.
  5. Find the app you want to use Shopify with and set Enabled to Yes.
    1. If you enabled Cart Recovery, enter the CSS selector(s) used to capture emails on your site in the Email Capture CSS box. Separate multiple selectors with a comma.
    2. If you enabled Pop-Up Manager
      • Enter the domain for your site in the Domain box.
    3. If you enabled Coupon Manager select whether you use an API or storefront JavaScript integration.
    4. When you have finished configuring all of your app integration settings, click Save Changes.
  6. Go to Settings > Integrations > Script Manager.
    1. Enable your Script Manager feature.
    2. Click Save Changes. It will take up to 15 minutes for your changes to go live.