Configure Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector Opt-Ins Module

You can use the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector Opt-In Module to allow Bronto to import subscriber status.

About this task

This module will only import custom objects created by the EmailOptin.ds pipelet. If a contact has opted in, the contact will import with an onboarding status. If a contact has opted out, the contact will import with an unsubscribed status.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click the Opt-Ins tab.
  4. Set Enabled to Yes.
  5. Configure the import schedule. This import schedule sets how often Bronto will check for new data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud. For imports to work, the Bronto Jobs Runner job must also be enabled and scheduled with a recurring interval in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
    1. Click Advanced options.
    2. Under Frequency, select how often you want imports to run.
    3. If you selected Minute Intervals for Frequency, select a number of minutes from the Interval list. If you select 30, then the import will run every 30 minutes.
    4. Select a Start Time for the first interval of the day.
    5. Pick the Days when your import should run. The import will run at the interval frequency you have set on each day you have checked.
  6. You can also add imported Salesforce Commerce Cloud opt-ins to Bronto lists during import. Select an existing list at Add Opt-Ins to Lists. If you want to add opt-ins to more than one list, repeat this step. You can remove a list by clicking cancel on the list label.
  7. You can also create a new Bronto list by selecting the Create New List in Bronto option from the Add Opt-Ins to Lists drop down.
    1. When the Create New List in Bronto screen pops up, enter your list Name and list Label.
  8. Optional: By default, opt-ins will remain on their assigned list even if their status changes in Bronto and they opt-out. Click Remove Opt-Outs from Lists to make it so that these opt-ins get removed from their assigned list(s) when they opt-out.
  9. Optional: You also have the option of mapping fields and source values. Click Create New and select either Field Mapping or Source Mapping.
    1. For Field Mapping, first add a Name for your mapping.
    2. Enter the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Form ID where the attribute will be made available (Example: dwcontactform.birthday).
    3. Select the corresponding Bronto Field from the drop down.
    4. Click Save to create the mapping.
    1. For Source Mapping, first add a Source name. This field is case sensitive and must match the source you set in EmailOptin.ds in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Example: source value "footer" is assigned to "Footer Opt-in List").
    2. Under Add to Lists select the list that opt-ins with this source value should get added to.
    3. Click Save to create the mapping.
  10. When you have finished configuration for all of the import settings on the Opt-Ins page, click Save Changes before advancing to any other Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector modules.