Configure Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector Contacts Module

Using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector Contacts Module, you can import your Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers with a valid contact record into Bronto.

About this task

Once configured, the module can import a contact's email and any contact fields you have mapped from Salesforce Commerce Cloud into Bronto. Unless you also configure opt-ins, all contacts are imported with transactional status.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Contacts.
  4. Set Enabled to Yes.
  5. To set the import schedule:
    1. Select how often you want imports to run from the Frequency list.

      By default, imports are run in 1,000 record batches, so the frequency also determines the maximum number of records Bronto will attempt to import in a day. For example, if you set Frequency to Daily, the maximum number of record imports in a day will be 1,000. Inversely, if you set Frequency to once every hour, the maximum number of imports is 24,000 per day.

    2. Optional: If you selected Minute Intervals, select a number of minutes from the Import Every list.

      For example, if you select 30, imports will run every 30 minutes. We recommend 1 minute for the initial sync, and 15 minutes after that.

    3. Set a Start Time.
    4. Set an End Time.

      If you selected daily, you will not see an option to set an End Time.

    5. In the Days section, select which days of the week you want imports to run.

      If a day box has a check mark, the import will run on this day at the interval frequency you set.

  6. Map the Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer attributes shown on the left to Bronto contact fields by selecting the contact field from the list on the right. The most commonly mapped attributes are Profile Attributes, Phone Numbers, Address Book, Active Data, and Other.

    The list of available attributes are pulled directly from your Salesforce Commerce Cloud account. Only map the attributes you want to import. If you do not see an attribute, log into Salesforce Commerce Cloud and make sure it exists in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud account.

    If you have added new customer profile attributes to Salesforce Commerce Cloud after the initial Connector registration, you will need to navigate to Settings > Integrations > Connector and click Sync to refresh the list of attributes.

  7. If you need to create a new Bronto Contact Field, take these steps.
    1. Verify that your field has not already been created by searching for it in the field select list.
    2. Select Create New Field In Bronto in the field select list.
    3. Enter a field Name.Your contacts will not see the Name entered. It is an internal designation only.
    4. Enter a field Label to display to contacts.
    5. Enter a field Type. This should be the same data type as the matching Salesforce Commerce Cloud field. For example, if the Salesforce Commerce Cloud attribute is a date, you need to map it to a date-based contact field.
    6. Set visibility as Private or Public. Private fields are visible only to you and Public fields can be made visible to your contacts.
    7. Click Create new Field.
  8. When you have finished configuration for all of the import settings on the Contacts page, click Save Changes.