Set Up A Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connection

Follow these steps to connect your Salesforce Commerce Cloud account to your Bronto account. For more details on the steps below see the documentation included with the cartridge archive.

About this task

Before you can set up the connector you must complete the following prerequisites in Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Install the Bronto Cartridge in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance.
  • Add the Bronto Cartridge path to all sites in Business Manager that require integration with Bronto.
  • From the Bronto Connector cartridge metadata folder, install required metadata XML files. This will setup the Bronto jobs, objects and services.
  • Enable and configure Bronto jobs.
  • Grant appropriate permission to the Bronto Manage Registration module in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

If you are unable to establish a connection between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Bronto Connector, update your system configuration to allow the Bronto IP addresses to

For more details on the steps below see the documentation included with the cartridge archive.


  1. In Bronto, go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. Click Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  4. Copy the Account ID.
  5. In Salesforce Commerce Cloud, go to Merchant Tools > Bronto > Manage Registration.
  6. Enter your Bronto Connector Account ID. This is the ID you copied from Bronto.
  7. Click Register.
  8. In Bronto, go to Apps > Connectors.
  9. These are the steps you should take if you see a warning icon next to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector:
    1. Click the red icon.
    2. Enter the storefront user name and password for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance.
    3. Click Login.
    4. Confirm that you no longer see a warning icon.
  10. Click the Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector Edit button.
  11. Click Advanced.
  12. Scroll down to the Verify Installation section.
  13. Click Execute.
  14. Go to the Execution Results section and confirm that you see Verify Installation listed. If you do not see Verify Installation, confirm in Salesforce Commerce Cloud that the Bronto Jobs Runner job is enabled.

What to do next

To complete installation, you will need to take the following actions in Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Insert custom code for sending transactional messages.
  • Insert custom code for email opt-in/opt-out points of capture (that is, footer, checkout, account registration).
  • Insert brontofooter.isml in storefront global footer. This footer must be on every Salesforce Commerce Cloud page.

For more details on the steps above see the documentation included with the cartridge archive.