Configure Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector Integrations Module

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector can be used to supply data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to several Bronto apps, including Cart Recovery, Pop-Up Manager, and Coupon Manager.

About this task

Use the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector to configure a connection between a Bronto app and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. You need to purchase any Bronto app you are integrating with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to fully leverage its functionality. You can integrate these Bronto apps with Salesforce Commerce Cloud:
  • Cart Recovery: This connection will use the cart and order data from your Salesforce Commerce Cloud domain for the Cart Recovery data. You will need to configure the app at Automation > Cart Recovery and create a relevant workflow for Cart Recovery to be fully functional. We recommended that you enable this script even if you have not purchased Cart Recovery because it sends order data to Bronto in near real time. Learn more about Cart Recovery.
  • Pop-Up Manager: This connection will deploy your pop-ups to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud domain. If you enable this, you should remove the embedded code snippet from your site if it is already configured. You will need to configure the app in Contacts > Grow > Pop-Up Manager and create and activate a pop-up for this integration to be fully functional. Learn more about Pop-Up Manager.
  • Coupon Manager: This connection sends coupon redemption statistics for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site to Bronto. You will need to create and configure coupons at Commerce > Coupon Manager for the app to be fully functional. Learn more about Cart Recovery.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Find the app you want to use and set Enabled to Yes.
  5. If you enabled Cart Recovery, you will need to configure the app at Automation > Cart Recovery and create a relevant workflow for the integration to work. The Embed Code field should be automatically populated.
  6. If you enabled Pop-Up Manager, enter the domain for your site in the Domain box.
  7. If you enabled Coupon Manager, select whether you use a Server-Side Pipeline or Storefront JavaScript integration.
  8. When you have finished configuring the Integrations Module settings, click Save Changes.