Reauthenticate NetSuite Connector

Follow these steps to reauthenticate your NetSuite connection to Bronto.

Before you begin

You must refresh the NetSuite Connector to ensure that you have the most recent Connector features. In Bronto, go to the Connector dashboard. Then, for the NetSuite user that you want to reauthenticate, click Sync.

About this task

You can reauthenticate your NetSuite Connector in order to refresh your integration to Bronto without any other reconfiguration.


  1. In Bronto, go to Edit NetSuite Connection.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click Reauthenticate.
    The Connect to NetSuite modal displays.
  4. Enter your NetSuite Account ID.
    Note: To find your NetSuite account ID, in NetSuite go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences.
  5. Enter the User Name for the dedicated NetSuite user that you set up for Connector.
    Important: The NetSuite user must have the Bronto Integration role assigned, and the time zone set to Pacific.
  6. Enter the Password for the NetSuite user name in step 5.
  7. In NetSuite, create a new access token ID and secret:
    1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > Users and Roles > Access Tokens > New.
    2. For Application Name, select Internal NS Application BRONTO.
    3. Select a user.
    4. For Role, select Bronto Integration.
    5. Click Save.
      The token ID and the token secret display.
      Important: The token ID and token secret are shown only once. Ensure that you save this information.
  8. In Bronto, enter your new NetSuite access Token ID and Token Secret.
  9. Click Reauthenticate.


You have successfully re-authenticated your NetSuite connection to Bronto.
Note: If you receive an error message, verify that your user name, password, and access token ID and token secret are correct.