Configure NetSuite Connector Opt-Ins

The NetSuite Connector opt-in settings allow you to associate NetSuite campaign subscriptions with Bronto lists and map NetSuite global subscription statuses to Bronto contact statuses.

About this task

The NetSuite Campaign Subscription Categories feature allows customers to choose which types of campaign communication they want to receive. Mapping a campaign subscription to a Bronto list will allow you to quickly and easily identify what level of engagement your imported NetSuite contacts have chosen. This information allows you to use Bronto lists to engage with these contacts appropriately. In order to map campaign subscriptions to Bronto lists, you must have already configured the campaign subscriptions in NetSuite. See the NetSuite help topics for more information about working with campaign subscriptions in NetSuite.

The NetSuite Global Subscription Status field on contact records determines whether a contact can receive email sent through NetSuite campaigns and email merge operations. There are four possible subscription statuses in NetSuite, but you can only use the connector to map the Confirmed Opt-In and Soft Opt-In statuses. These statuses can be mapped to either Bronto's onboarding or unconfirmed statuses. Bronto contacts with a status of onboarding can automatically be moved to active status using Bronto's automated onboarding process. Bronto contacts with a status of unconfirmed have not yet agreed to receive marketing emails from you and must be moved from unconfirmed to active by somehow opting in. One way to move unconfirmed contacts to active status is to send them an email that includes a Subscription Confirmation webform which allows them to double opt-in. In order to meet CAN-SPAM compliance, contacts imported from NetSuite into Bronto with a Soft Opt-Out or Confirmed Opt-Out status are automatically set to unsubscribed. If you want to keep these contacts from being mapped to unsubscribed, you will need to change their global subscription status in NetSuite.

Note: The opt-in settings are applied to contacts during NetSuite Connector contact imports and do not run independently.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Opt-Ins.
  4. Set Enable Connection to Yes.
  5. Optional: If you want to map campaign subscriptions to Bronto lists:

    1. Click the Campaign Subscriptions tab.
    2. Select the NetSuite campaign subscription from the NetSuite Campaign list.
    3. Select the Direction:
      • Bronto to NetSuite Bronto is the master record. Updates NetSuite contact data with Bronto contact data, but does not update Bronto contacts with NetSuite data.
      • NetSuite to Bronto NetSuite is the master record. Updates Bronto contact data with NetSuite contact data, but does not update NetSuite contacts with Bronto data.
      • Both Directions Latest record update is used. Data will sync in both directions and the most recently updated record in one system will update the other system with changes to the mapped field.
      • Both - Bronto Primary Bronto is the master record. Existing Bronto field data will overwrite the NetSuite field. NetSuite will only write data to Bronto if the Bronto field is empty. It will not sync blank or empty values.
      • Both - NetSuite Primary NetSuite is the master record. Existing netSuite field data will overwrite the Bronto field. Bronto will only write data to NetSuite if the NetSuite fields is empty. It will not sync blank or empty values.
    4. Select the Bronto list from the Bronto List options.

      If you need to create a new list, select Create New List In Bronto and use the pop up to create your list.

    5. To map another campaign subscription and list, click Create New Mapping and follow the previous steps.
  6. To map the NetSuite global subscription statuses:
    1. Click the Global Subscription Status tab.
    2. Set the Sync Direction:
      • Bronto to NetSuite sets the Bronto status as the master record and always overwrites the status in NetSuite. This keeps the NetSuite opt-in statuses from resetting Bronto active contacts back to onboarding.
      • Both Directions whichever record is most recently modified will overwrite the corresponding status in the other system.
        • If marketing status is not tracked or maintained in NetSuite, Sync direction should be set to Bronto as Master.
        • If you're using NetSuite Suite Commerce Advanced or Site Builder storefront integration with Bronto, Sync direction should be set to bi-directional to accept marking status updates from NetSuite.
        • Net-new contacts in NetSuite, that do not already exist in Bronto, will be created in Bronto when syncs, reflecting their existing NetSuite statuses. It is important to make sure your marketing preferences are accurate in NetSuite.
    3. Select the Bronto contact status from the Soft Opt-In Status list.

      If global subscription statuses in NetSuite are accurate and up-to-date, you should select Onboarding. If not, NetSuite statuses should be corrected before the initial sync, or Unconfirmed should be selected.

    4. Select the Bronto contact status from the Confirmed Opt-In Status list.

      We recommend settings these contacts to Onboarding because they have already opted-in via NetSuite.

    5. If you'd like to set opt-out statuses in NetSuite for bounce and unsubscribe activities that occur in Bronto, set Soft Opt-Out for Unsubscribed and Soft Opt-Out for Bounce to Yes.
    6. Optional: If you want to add contacts that have one of the NetSuite opt-in statuses to Bronto lists, select the lists using the Add Opt-Ins to Bronto Lists box.
    7. Optional: If you want to remove contacts that have one of the NetSuite opt-out statuses from Bronto lists, set Remove Opt-Outs from Lists to Yes.
  7. When you have finished configuration for all the settings on the Opt-Ins page, click Save Changes.