Configure Magento Connector Products

When you have the Magento Connector configured it can be used to import your Magento product data into the Bronto product catalog.

About this task

If you decide to use Magento to keep your product catalog up-to-date and have previously manually imported your product catalog, the product import settings on the Products page are disabled when the Magento Connector starts managing product data. This will prevent data conflicts from occurring.

While Magento has the concept of nested subcategories, Bronto stores all category information for a product in a single field. Therefore, you will need to carefully configure several category-related options in order to appropriately import category and subcategory data. First, you should decide whether you want to import all of the category details for a product, or only import one category level. If you decide you want to import the entire tree, map product_category to Product Category Tree. Next you need to configure multiple category settings in order to define how you want the category data managed. In Bronto, the lowest subcategory is always considered a leaf and the categories and subcategories above it are branches. You will need to configure a delimiter used to separate leaves and branches and identify which category level you want to import, or start, your tree at. Finally, you will need to define a tie breaker that can be used to define which category to use in Bronto when a product belongs to multiple subcategories.

This module comes with default settings that will work correctly without significant additional configuration for most users.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Products.
    Important: Once the product connection is enabled, the import of the mapped product fields begins automatically so make sure you have everything properly configured before you Enable Connection.
  4. Select whether you want to import the categories and subcategories by Name or URL Key from the Category Format list.

    The URL Key is the shortened name for a Magento category. You can see what both of these look like in your Magento account.

  5. Select the type of delimiter you want to use for a leaf from the Category Leaf Delimiter list.
  6. Select the type of delimiter you want to use for a branch from the Category Branch Delimiter list.

    Using a different delimiter for leaves and branches will help you quickly visually identify which a category item is for a product in your Bronto catalog.

  7. Select which level you want to start the category import at from the Category Level list.

    As you make your selection, carefully consider how you plan to use a product's category field. For example, if you want to use the product search feature to compare sales for all products in a category, make sure to import data at that category level.

  8. Select the Category Level Tiebreaker.

    In Magento a product can be added to multiple categories and subcategories, but can only be in one category in Bronto. When a product is in more than one Magento category or subcategory, the Category Level Tiebreaker is used to pick which category the product is assigned in Bronto.

  9. In the Map Default Product Fields section, map the relevant Bronto product fields provided to Magento product attributes by selecting the Magento attribute from the Magento Field lists.
    The following fields have already been mapped for you:
    • Product ID to SKU
    • Parent Product ID to Parent ID
    • Product Category to Category
    • Price to Price
    • Sale Price to Special Price
    • Product URL to URL
    • Image URL to Base Image
    • Title to Name
    • Description to description
    • Sale Price Effective Start Date to Special Price From Date
    • Sale Price Effective End Date to Special Price To Date
    • Quantity to Inventory Quantity
    • Availability to Stock Availability
    • Average Rating to Avg. Review Rating
    • Review Count to Number of Reviews
    But, if necessary, you can change any of these default mappings.
  10. To map product data that does not fall into a default field:
    1. Click Create New Mapping.
    2. Enter the name for the Bronto product field in the Bronto Field box.
    3. Select the Magento product attribute from the Magento Field list.
  11. Once everything is mapped, set Enable Connection to Yes.

    Once this is enabled, the import of the mapped product fields begins automatically so make sure you have everything properly configured before you move on the next step.

  12. Click Save Changes to enable the product import.
    Note: If you need to reimport your product catalog manually, use Sync Product Catalog Fields and Add to Import Queue under Advanced.