Configure Magento Connector Opt-Ins

You can use the Magento Connector opt-in settings to exchange contact status information between Bronto and Magento and to provide Bronto opt-in options on your Magento site.

About this task

Opt-Ins is divided into three sections:

  • Settings passes newsletter subscription information in order to give subscribed contacts active status in Bronto. This can also pass a Bronto unsubscribed status to Magento and add opt-ins or opt-outs to lists.
  • Checkout adds a configurable opt-in to marketing check box to the checkout page of your Magento site.
  • Embedded Webform adds a managed preferences webform to the newsletter subscriptions area of your Magento site.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Opt-Ins.
  4. Set Enable Connection to Yes.

    This will give contacts who have subscribed to your Magento newsletter active status.

  5. To sync an unsubscribed Bronto contact status back to Magento, set Sync Bronto Unsubscribes to Yes.

    This will help to keep you from marketing to contacts that have indicated they do not want to receive marketing messages from your company.

  6. Optional: To add Magento newsletter subscribers to Bronto list(s) click in the Add Opt-Ins to Lists box and click on the list name.

    If you want to add subscribers to more than one list, repeat this step. You can remove a list by clicking the X on the list label. You can add subscribers to a new list by selecting Create New List In Bronto and creating the list.

  7. Optional: To remove contacts who have unsubscribed in Magento from Bronto list(s) click in the Remove Opt-Outs from Lists box and click on the list name.

    If you want to remove contacts from more than one list, repeat this step. You can remove a list by clicking the X on the list label.

  8. To add a newsletter subscription check box on your store's checkout page:
    1. In the Checkout Settings section, set Enable Checkout to Yes.
    2. Optional: Select a list to add contacts who select the box to from Add Opt-Ins to Source List.
    3. Enter the text you want to be displayed with the check box in the Checkbox Label box.
    4. Select where you want the check box to appear from the Checkbox Location list.
    5. If you want the box to be checked by default, select Yes from the Checked by Default list.
    Note: This only works for default Magento checkout templates. If you want additional styling for the check box, it can be applied in your Magento template CSS.
  9. If you want to embed a Bronto managed preferences webform in the Newsletter Subscriptions area on your Magento account page:
    Note: This will not work for sites that use https for account management pages and a private domain configured in Bronto. Webforms hosted at, without a private domain, can be changed to https to work around this limitation.
    1. In the Embedded Webform Settings section, set Enable Embedded Webforms to Yes.
    2. Enter your webform shared secret in the Shared Secret box.

      You can find the webform shared secret for your account by going to Settings > Platform Settings > Data Exchange and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    3. Enter the webform subscriber lookup URL in the Subscriber Lookup box.

      To find this, go to Contacts > Grow > Webforms, click the preview icon for the Manage Preferences webform you want to embed, and scroll to the bottom of the webform preview. Copy the URL exactly as it is displayed in the Subscriber Lookup For This Webform area, including "{CONTACT}/{VALIDATION_HASH}".

    4. If desired, adjust the Form Height.
  10. When you have finished configuration for all of the settings on the Opt-Ins page, click Save Changes.