Uninstall an M2 Magento Connector

To uninstall a Magento Connector, you must stop the exchange of data with Bronto, remove the connector from the Magento register, and update the Magento file system and database.

Before you begin

You must be able to access the Magento database and file system.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Advanced and
    1. Set Pause Event Queuing to Yes.
    2. Set Pause Event Processing to Yes.

    This turns off the exchange of data between Bronto and the connector.

  4. In Magento go to System > Bronto Connector and click the Delete button.
  5. Open the base Magento composer.json file in a code editor.
  6. Run ./bin/magento module:disable Bronto_Browse Bronto_Cart Bronto_Connector Bronto_Contact Bronto_Coupon Bronto_Email Bronto_Integration Bronto_Inventory Bronto_Magento Bronto_Optin Bronto_Order Bronto_Product Bronto_Rating Bronto_Recommendation Bronto_Redemption
  7. Run ./bin/magento setup:upgrade
  8. Run composer remove bronto/magento-module-all
  9. Remove the following from the base Magento composer.json file:
    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": "https://cdn.bronto.com/magento"
  10. Run composer update --lock
  11. Open the core_resource table in the Magento database and delete all entries that are prefixed with bronto.