Install and Register an M2 Magento Connection

Follow these steps to connect your Magento version M2 account to Bronto.

Before you begin

About this task

Unlike other Bronto connectors, the majority of the initial Magento Connector configuration steps must be done to configuration files outside of Bronto and in Magento. Bronto will attempt to keep the instructions current, but if there was a recent change to Magento it may not be reflected in our help topics yet.

The Magento Connector can only be used with Magento M2. If you want to connect a Magento M1 instance with Bronto, see the help for Magento 1 Extension.

Note: If you need to upgrade an existing connection from Magento M2 to Bronto, see Update An M2 Magento Connector 3.0 Or Lower or Update An M2 Magento Connector 3.1 Or Later.


  1. Open the base Magento composer.json file in a code editor.
  2. Add the following to the base Magento composer.json file, depending on the repository's format:
    • Array format:
      "repositories": [
              "type": "composer",
              "url": ""
    • JSON Object format:
      "repositories": {
         "bronto":  {
              "type": "composer",
              "url": ""
  3. Run composer require bronto/magento-module-all
  4. Run ./bin/magento module:enable Bronto_Browse Bronto_Cart Bronto_Connector Bronto_Contact Bronto_Coupon Bronto_Email Bronto_Integration Bronto_Inventory Bronto_M2 Bronto_Notification Bronto_Optin Bronto_Order Bronto_Product Bronto_Rating Bronto_Redemption
  5. Run ./bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. Run ./bin/magento setup:di:compile
  7. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  8. Click Add Connection.
  9. Click Connect to Magento.
  10. Copy the Account ID.
  11. In Magento, go to System > Other Settings > Bronto Connector.
  12. Click on Add Registration.
  13. Provide the relevant information on the Registration page, including the Account ID acquired from the Bronto, then click Save.

    You can now see the registration information in Magento and see a configured Magento Connector on Bronto's Connector page. Click the wrench icon to start auto configuration or complete the connector configuration by completing the steps in the other Magento Connector topics provided.

    Note: If you run into an issue where you cannot establish a connection between Magento and Bronto's Magento Connector it's possible that the Magento firewall is preventing the connector from being properly registered.
    • Remove the firewall on your Magento server. The site will remain safe by way of secure log in credentials.
    • Review the prerequisites for this task.