Configure Magento Connector Contacts

The Magento Connector can be configured to import contact data from Magento into Bronto.

About this task

Once configured, this will import a contact's email and any contact fields you have mapped. You can also use Sync Guest Order Fields to import the billing or shipping address for customers who have purchased something but have not opted-in to receiving marketing messages.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Contacts.
  4. Set Enable Connection to Yes.
  5. For Skip Empty Fields, select whether you want to sync a mapped attribute when it is empty:
    • Yes will skip importing empty attributes.
    • No will import empty attributes and overwrite existing data in Bronto.
  6. Use the Sync Guest Order Fields to indicate which fields, if any, you want to import for customers who place orders but are not registered Magento contacts.

    Bronto can only send these customers transactional messages because they have not opted-in to email marketing from you.

    Note: Mapping a field in Map Contact Fields, Map Shipping Address Fields and Map Billing Address Fields to the same Bronto field will result in multiple updates to that field. The order of operation for the update are Shipping first, Billing second and Contact Fields last. So, the information in the Map Contact Fields field will be the one that is used.
  7. Map the Magento contact, address, and billing attributes to Bronto contact fields by selecting a contact field for each attribute from the Bronto Field lists.

    Only map the attributes you want to import. To create a new Bronto contact field, select Create New Field in Bronto and use the dialog box to create the new field. As you map the fields, make sure the format for the Bronto contact fields you select match the Magento contact attribute data type. For example, if the Magento attribute is a date, you need to map it to a date-based contact field.

    Note: Field names have a 25 character limit.
  8. When you have finished configuration for all of the import settings on the Contacts page, click Save Changes.