Configuring Contact Settings in Script Manager

Configure contact capture settings in Bronto so that you can collect contact data for Cart Recovery.

About this task

In order to capture contact data you will need to identify and set contact selectors. These steps walk you through how to set up Script Manager and configure your selectors with Script Manager settings.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Script Manager.
  2. Add the Script Manager code to your site manually or with Google Tag Manager.
  3. In the Individual Features section, set Cart Recovery as active.
  4. Optional: Specify the Domain you want to capture browse data for.
  5. Optional: If you want to capture email addresses only after a contact has clicked a button, turn on the Email Button Selector(s) toggle.
    1. If this toggle is turned on, enter the button selector(s).
      • When the button being targeted has a type identified, such as <button type="submit>, the value entered should be input[type=button]
      • When the button has an ID, such as id="popup-submits-button-123", the value entered should be #popup-submits-button-123
  6. Enter the CSS selector(s) used to capture emails on your site in the Email Address Selector(s) box.

    This allows Bronto to recognize the email address of a customer browsing on your site and, when possible, to associate that email with a Bronto contact. If you use different selectors to capture email addresses, you can enter multiple selectors using a comma separated list.

  7. Optional: Enter contact_eid in the Contact ID URL Parameter(s) box.

    This allows Bronto to capture data for a contact by associating the browse data with the contact's unique external ID. You should use Bronto's custom analytics feature to help set this association up. See Custom Web Analytics Connection for more information.