Use A Recommendations Template

Bronto provides templates you can use to build recommendations.

About this task

Recommendations templates are designed to save you time by targeting common recommendation areas. Recommendations Standard templates cover situations like products currently on sale, products with the highest or lowest inventory, top rated products, and new arrivals. Recommendations Premium templates cover all of these as well as behavior-based situations. Behavior-based situations include things like contacts who browsed a product typically buy this other product, contacts who bought a product a year ago are typically buying these products now, contacts usually buy this set of products together, and top-rated products in the same category as another product.

Each template can be used as is or can be customized in order to further refine its recommendations.

The name of a template reflects the purpose the template is designed to serve. You can view a template's settings by going to the Recommendations Home page, clicking the Templates tab, then clicking the view icon for the template you want to view. If the template uses any product fields that your account does not have you will see a red triangle to the right of the setting.

To create a recommendation using a template:


  1. In Recommendations, navigate to the Recommendations page by clicking the icon.
  2. Click Templates.

    The template list is displayed.

  3. Locate the template you want to use and click the copy button for that template.
  4. Enter a name for your recommendation in the Label box.

    The name can only contain alphanumeric characters and spaces.

  5. If desired, enter a brief description for the recommendation in the Description box.
  6. Click Copy Template.

    The copy of the recommendation is open with the General Settings tab displayed. All settings that are included with the template are already set.

  7. Click Preview Results to see the list of recommendations.
  8. If you
  9. Optional: If you are finished building your recommendation, click Publish Draft to make the recommendation available for use.

    You do not have to click Publish Draft to save your recommendation.