Publish A Recommendation

You must publish a recommendation before you can use it to populate product data into your messages.

About this task

A recommendation can have both a draft and published version. When you create a recommendation, the changes you make are automatically saved as a draft version of the recommendation. After you click the Publish Draft button, a published version of the recommendation is created. If you edit a published recommendation, a new draft of the recommendation is created but the published version of the recommendation will continue to exist until you overwrite it with the new draft version.

Note: You can only have one draft and one published version of a recommendation at a time.

Any changes you make to a draft are only applied to the draft until you click the Publish Draft button and update the published version of the recommendation. This allows you to make changes to a recommendation without affecting the published recommendation that you may be actively using.

To publish a recommendation:


  1. In Recommendations, navigate to the Recommendations page by clicking the icon.
  2. Locate the recommendation in the list of recommendations. You can
    • Search for the recommendation name by typing it into the search box.
    • Filter for recommendation status by selecting a status from the status list.
    • Filter for recommendation type by selecting a type from the type list.
  3. Click on the recommendation name to open it.
  4. Click Publish Draft.

    A confirmation window is displayed.

  5. Click Publish.

    The recommendation is published and available for use.