Activate Or Deactivate A Recommendation

A recommendation must be active in order for you to be able to use it. When you publish a recommendation it is automatically made active.

About this task

This means it can be used in your marketing campaigns. Sometimes you might want to deactivate a recommendation so it cannot be used. You can see whether or not a recommendation is active from the Recommendations Home page.

To activate or deactivate a recommendation:


  1. In Recommendations, navigate to the Recommendations page by clicking the icon.
  2. Locate the recommendation in the list of recommendations. You can
    • Search for the recommendation name by typing it into the search box.
    • Filter for recommendation status by selecting a status from the status list.
    • Filter for recommendation type by selecting a type from the type list.
  3. Click on the Active/Inactive toggle for the recommendation to activate or deactivate it.

    Only published recommendations have a toggle.

  4. If you are deactivating a recommendation, a warning will appear. Click Yes to continue the deactivation process.