Configure Pop-Up Manager

Before pop-ups can display on your site, you need to provide the domain for your site and embed the Pop-Up Manager code in your site's code.

About this task

Providing the domain and adding the code creates a connection between Pop-Up Manager and your site so that the currently active Pop-Up can be displayed on your site. When you provide your domain, you should only provide your domain name, or a subdomain, not the URL for your site. For example your domain name is but your domain URL is

Your pop-up will not appear on your site until it is activated.


  1. Go to Contacts > Grow > Pop-Up Manager.
  2. Provide your domain name:
    1. Click Update Domain.
    2. Paste the domain name in the Domain box.

      If you only want the pop-up to appear on a certain area of your site, enter the subdomain for these pages instead of the site's primary domain.

    3. Click Update Domain.
  3. Embed the pop-up manager code on your site:
    1. Click Script Tag.
    2. If you use Google Tag Manager, click on the Google Tag Manager Script tab and copy the text in the box.
    3. If you do not use Google Tag Manager, copy the text in the HTML Script Tag box.
    4. Paste the script you copied in the appropriate place related to your site.

      We recommend placing the script in the footer of your site. Make sure that you have either the script tag or the Google Tag Manager approach deployed on your site. If both appear on the page, a conflict can occur causing both pop-ups to deploy, and only one to close.

    5. Click Close.