Transferring Files to the FTP Server For Data Loader

Data Loader requires that the files you want to transfer are available on the Bronto FTP server. This topic explains how to upload your files to the FTP server.

Before you begin

  • You need a valid FTPS/SFTP client, or cURL.
    Note: Ensure your host includes the secure ftps:// for FTPS transfers, or sftp:// for SFTP transfers. For security purposes, Bronto does not support the standard ftp:// protocol.
  • Have your FTP credentials ready.

    To view the FTP user name for your Bronto account, go to Data Loader > Account Information > Display FTP Credentials.

    For security purposes, Bronto hides your FTP password.

    Only your site administrator can set or reset the FTP password for your Bronto account. If you do not know your FTP password, or no password appears hidden, contact your Bronto site administrator.


  1. Open your FTP client.
  2. Use the your Data Loader credentials to connect to the Data Loader server.
  3. Transfer your files.
    • For specific details about how to complete an FTP transfer, see the documentation for your FTP client.

    • Data Loader accepts only csv and txt files.

    • Data Loader performs an anti-virus scan of each file.

      In the scan process, Data Loader appends your file with .processing. If the scan completes and your file does not contain a virus, then Data Loader restores your original file name and the file loads.

      If your file contains a virus, then Data Loader appends your file with .failed and the file does not load to the FTP client. For a file which fails to load, you can click on the file in your FTP client to see an error message.

    To transfer your files with cURL, use the following commands:

    • Upload files:
      curl -F "filename=@FILENAME" -F "username=USERNAME" -F "password=PASSWORD"
    • List of files:
      curl -F "username=USERNAME" -F "password=PASSWORD"
    • Delete files:
      curl -F "username=USERNAME" -F "password=PASSWORD"