Work With Coupon URLs

Coupon Manager provides the ability to quickly and easily access the image URL and HTML tag text for a campaign so that you can copy and paste into your messages.

About this task

You also have the option to configure an embeddable URLs that can be used to redirect contacts to a specific site location when the URL is included in the message. The most common use case for a redirect URL is to redirect contacts to your site with the coupon code automatically applied.


  1. Go to Commerce > Coupon Manager.
  2. Locate the campaign you want to work with and click its Get HTML button.
  3. To copy the image URL:
    1. Click the Image URL tab.
    2. Copy the text in the box.
    3. Paste the image URL into your message.
  4. To copy the HTML Tag:
    1. Click the HTML Tag tab.
    2. Copy the text in the box.
    3. Paste the HTML Tag into the HTML for your message.
  5. To set up an embeddable redirect:
    1. Click the Redirect URL tab.
    2. Enter the redirect path in the Target URL box.
    3. Copy the generated URL and paste it into your message.
    4. Click Save.