Test Coupon Codes

Coupon Manager includes a test mode you can use while testing your coupon codes in messages.

About this task

The test mode allows you to "force" Coupon Manager to display the desired message in message previews or sent test messages. When you have your campaign in test mode, the coupon codes in your test messages do not count against your coupon code allocation and can be used again when the campaign is set back to normal mode.


  1. Go to Commerce > Coupon Manager.
  2. Find the campaign you want to test in the Campaign list and click its status icon.
  3. Select the testing mode you want to use from the list.
    • Select Testing > Coupon Mode to send test messages with a coupon code in it. By default, the test coupon ABC-123 will be included with your message. You can customize this code by editing your coupon campaign and updating the Test Code field.
    • Select Testing > Depleted Mode to send test messages with a depleted message in it.
    • Select Testing > Expired Mode to send test messages with an expired mode message in it.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Using the platform, either preview your message or send test messages.
  6. When you are done testing, change to status of the message by clicking status icon and selecting the appropriate status.