Manage Coupon Codes

You can move or delete unused coupon codes, or download the coupon codes for a campaign to a CSV file.

About this task

When you delete or move coupon codes, these codes are no longer associated with the current campaign. Delete and Move actions cannot be reversed.


  1. Go to Commerce > Coupon Manager.
  2. Find the campaign you want to manage codes for in the Campaign list and click its download coupon icon.
  3. To download coupon codes:
    1. Click the Download tab.
    2. Select the type of coupon codes you want to download from the Type list.

      You can download assigned, unassigned, or redeemed codes. Assigned codes have been sent in a message but have not been redeemed.

    3. Click Download Coupons.
  4. To move unassigned coupon codes to another campaign:
    1. Click the Move Unassigned tab.
    2. Select the campaign you want to move unassigned coupons to from the Target list.

      You can only move unassigned coupons to one campaign. Once coupons are moved they are no longer associated with the current campaign and this action cannot be undone.

    3. Click Move Coupons.
  5. To delete unassigned coupon codes:

    This action cannot be reversed.

    1. Click the Delete Unassigned tab.
    2. Click Delete Coupons.