Generating and Uploading Coupon Codes

Generate and upload your own coupon codes for your campaign.

Before you begin

In Coupon Manager, create a campaign.

About this task

In Coupon Manager, you have the option to generate codes, which may produce duplicates, or upload your own unique codes. If you want to offer unique coupon codes, then create a csv file that contains your codes and follow the upload procedure in step 4.


  1. Go to Commerce > Coupon Manager.
  2. Under Actions, select Upload Coupons for the appropriate campaign.
    The Upload Coupons to {Campaign Name} menu displays.
  3. Optional: Select the Generate Coupons tab.
    Note: You can generate a maximum of 200,000 coupon codes. If your campaign requires more than 200,000 coupons, then repeat the following steps until you have the appropriate quantity.
    1. Specify values for the following parameters:
      • Quantity

        Specifies the number of coupon codes to generate. Maximum: 200,000.

      • Format

        Specifies the character format for each coupon code.

      • Code Length

        Specifies the number of characters for each coupon code. Maximum: 50.

      • Prefix

        Specifies a prefix identifier for each coupon code. Does not impact Code Length.

      • Suffix

        Specifies a suffix identifier for each coupon code. Does not impact Code Length.

      • Separator

        Separates each character in your coupon code with an additional separator character that you specify. You can also specify the number of characters per separator. Does not impact Code Length.

    2. Click Upload Coupons.
  4. Optional: Select the CSV File Upload tab.
    Note: You can upload a maximum of 200,000 coupon codes in a single csv file. If your campaign requires more than 200,000 coupons, use multiple files and repeat the following the steps for each file.
    1. Click Browse... and select the file you want to upload.
    2. If your file includes header rows, then specify the Number of Header Rows to Skip in your file.

      Coupon Manager excludes the number of rows that you specify from the list of coupon codes, which prevents a header from being accepted as a coupon code.

    3. For Column Containing the Coupon, specify the column number that contains the first coupon code that appears in your file.
    4. Click Upload Coupons.