Add Coupons To Pop-Ups and Welcome Series

Learn how to include a coupon code in a pop-up or welcome message. When a contact signs up to receive updates from your organization, you can serve a personal coupon code with Pop-Up Manager. You can send the same coupon code in a welcome series of messages until your contact redeems the code.

Before you begin

  • Create a welcome email.
  • Ensure that your Bronto account has the following apps:
    • Pop-Up Manager
    • Coupon Manager
  • To track whether a contact has redeemed their coupon code, enable Coupon Redemption Tracking.


  1. In Coupon Manager, create a campaign.
    Tip: Give your campaign a distinct name to indicate the year or season when the campaign is active. For example, Welcome 2020.
  2. Set Coupon Uniqueness to Contact only.
  3. Go to Get Image > HTML Tag, and copy the HTML.
  4. In Pop-Up Manager, create a pop-up.
    Your pop-up must include an initial design, and a thank-you message that references the coupon code.
  5. Open the Design tab, scroll to Confirmation Page, and for Behavior select Display HTML Content Within Pop-up.
  6. In the Subtext box, click Source, and paste the HTML from step 3.
  7. Replace the dynamic text %%contact_eid%% with %%contact_email%%, and copy the HTML.
    Tip: If you created your welcome email in Message Editor, copy only the URL between the HTML img tags.
  8. Click Source to apply the HTML.
  9. In your welcome email, paste the HTML from step 7.
    For an email in Message Editor, drag an Image Element to the message body, then paste the URL under Image URL.
  10. You can conditionally include the coupon code in each message in your welcome series. The code appears in your welcome messages until the contact redeems the code. Use one of the following methods:
    • Workflow Method

      In your Contact Is Added workflow, add a Contact Field Comparison filter after the first welcome message. Ensure that the field contains the campaign name from step 1.

    • Dynamic Content Method

      Create a segment that finds each contact where the Coupon Codes Redeemed field does not contain the campaign name from step 1. Go to your message, and add dynamic content that shows the coupon code only to contacts who are members of the segment.