View All The Workflows In Your Account

This topic describes all of the columns in the Workflows Overview table.

You can view all the workflows you have created in your account by going to Automation > Workflows . On this page, you can view the following information about each workflow in your account:

Column Name Description
Name The name of the workflow.
Note: When you mouse over the name of a workflow the description for the workflow is displayed.
For information about editing the name or description for a workflow, see Edit The Name And Description For A Workflow.
Status The current status of the workflow. A workflow can have a status of:
  • Active: Active workflows are "live" workflows where contacts are moving through them and actions (emails being sent, fields updating, etc.) are being performed.
  • Inactive: Inactive workflows do not process contacts and no actions are performed.
Note: Active workflows process contacts (via triggers and filters) and perform actions (send emails, update fields, etc.). Inactive workflows do not process contacts or perform actions.
Valid The Valid column indicates if the workflow is valid. A workflow is valid if all node connections are complete, and all required node properties are set. When saving a workflow, if the workflow is not valid, a warning will be displayed. Invalid workflows can not be activated. Valid workflows can be activated and deactivated as you see fit.
Contact Throttling The Contact Throttling column indicates if there are any limits placed on the workflow via the contact throttling settings. Valid values are:
  • Unthrottled: Allow contacts to enter the workflow an unlimited number of times, even if the contact is already on the workflow.
  • New Progressions Disabled: Do not allow any additional contacts into the workflow. All contacts currently progressing through the workflow will continue to completion.
  • Limited X: Limit the number of times a contact may simultaneously be on this workflow to X number of time(s).
  • Limited X every time frame: Limit the number of times a contact may enter the workflow to X number of time(s) in a given time frame.

When this is set it only applies to the current workflow. If a contact is on multiple workflows this will not impact their eligibility for any other workflows.

Tip: For more information on using the contact throttling settings in workflows, see Edit The Contact Throttling Settings In A Workflow.
Active Contacts Active contacts on a workflow are contacts moving through the workflow.
Successful Contacts Successful contacts on a workflow are contacts who have successfully completed moving through the workflow. A contact successfully completes a workflow when they reach a node or node path in the workflow with no outgoing connection. Workflows can, and often do, have multiple endpoints where a contact can complete the workflow.
Tip: For more information on how a contact can successfully complete a workflow, see Successful Workflow Progression.
Processed Contacts Processed contacts on a workflow represent all contacts who have ever entered the workflow. Just because a contact enters a workflow, does not necessarily mean they successfully complete it. Because of this, you may notice a difference between the Processed and Successful counts.
Note: If a contact enters a workflow 3 times, the number of processed contacts will go up by 3.
Last Triggered A date representing the last time the workflow was triggered.
Activated On The last date the workflow was made active.
Last Modified The last time the workflow was modified or changed.