Orders Page Grid Descriptions

After you search for either a Customer Order ID or a Contact ID on the Orders page, the results are displayed in the Orders table.

For more information about searching for orders on the Orders page, see Search for Orders. When you click on an Order ID in the Orders table, the details of an order are displayed. For more information about each field in the order details see Order Fields / Order Details.

Each column in the Orders table is described below:

Column Name Description Why It's Useful
Order Id The order ID represents the unique identifier for a particular order. The order ID is the unique identifier for an order. This ID is often used to sync this data with another system.
Customer Order Id The order Id given to the customer N/A
Order Status The current status of the order; either Pending or Processed. The order status lets you know if the order has been processed or not, which can be helpful if there is a concern about the status of a customer's order.
Order Source The source from which the order was made. Values: WEBSITE, INSTORE_POS, CALL_CENTER, CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2, or CUSTOM3. Shows you if the order can be counted as a conversion. Currently the enhanced order attribution model only considers orders where the source value is equal to WEBSITE.
Order Date The date the order was placed. N/A
Creation Date The date and time the order was recorded. N/A
Contact The email address of the contact the order is associated with. N/A
Conversion Email The email that triggered a conversion.
Note: This column is hidden by default. To view this column, click the Choose Visible Columns button and select Conversion Email.
Shows you the email that was clicked before an order was placed.
Contact Status The status of the contact the order is associated with. The values can be:
  • Active
  • Onboarding
  • Inactive:Transactional
  • Inactive: Suppressed
  • Inactive: Bounced
  • Inactive: Deleted
If the Contact field is n/a, the Contact Status field will show you if the contact has been Suppressed or Deleted.
Contact ID The unique ID associated with the contact. N/A
Tax Amount The tax amount passed in for the order. N/A
Discount Amount The discount amount passed in for the order. N/A
Subtotal The subtotal passed in for the order. N/A
Shipping Amount The shipping amount passed in for the order. N/A
Grand Total The grand total passed in for the order. N/A