Order Fields / Order Details

You can view the complete details of an order from both the Orders page and the Contact Details > Orders page by clicking on an Order Id in the Orders table.

When you click on an Order ID in an Orders table, a snapshot of the order is displayed. To view the complete details for an order, click the Switch to Detailed View button on the Order Snapshot.

This table describes each field in the complete order details:

Field Description Notes
Order Id The order ID represents the unique identifier for a particular order. The order ID is the unique identifier for an order. This ID is often used to sync this data with another system.
Status Current status of the order; either Pending or Processed. The status lets you know if the order has been processed or not, which can be helpful if there is a concern about the status of a customer's order.
Source Represents the source from which the order was made. Values: WEBSITE, INSTORE_POS, CALL_CENTER, CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2, or CUSTOM3. The enhanced order attribution model currently only considers orders where the Source field is equal to WEBSITE.
Contact ID ID of customer who owns the cart. This is a numerical identifier, not a contact's email address. You can use a Contact ID to search for all of the contact's orders on the Commerce > Orders page.
Ordered Date and time the order was placed. This can be used to see how long it has been since an order was placed when troubleshooting issues with a contact's order.
Created Date and time the order was recorded. A large time difference between the Ordered and Created records could point to an issue with your site's ordering system.
Updated Date the order was last updated. This can be used to track activity on an order if there are questions about the status of an order.
Currency Currency type; for example, USD (United States Dollar). N/A
Tax Amount The tax amount passed in for the order. N/A
Discount Amount The discount amount passed in for the order. N/A
Subtotal The subtotal passed in for the order. N/A
Shipping Details Shipment tracking details such as the tracking number, carrier, etc. Shipping details can be passed along to a contact so they can track the shipment.
Tracking URL Shipment tracking URL. Allows you to track a shipment.
Total The Total located under Shipping is the total cost for shipping. N/A
Grand Total This is the amount a customer was charged for an order. The Grand Total consists of the combined total prices for all items in an order, minus discounts, plus tax and shipping costs. N/A
Name Name of the product, up to 200 characters. N/A
Quantity The number of an individual product in an order. The quantity is specific to a product in an order. If an order has multiple products in it, the quantity for each product is listed.
Description Description of the product, up to 10000 characters. N/A
Category Category the product is assigned to. N/A
Image URL URL for the main image for the product. N/A
Product URL URL representing the product page on the website. N/A
SKU A product's stock keeping unit that is unique to the product. The order ID and SKU ID are the unique identifiers for orders and products. These IDs are often used to sync this data with another system.
Unit Price Normal price for the product. N/A
Sale Price If the product is on sale, the sales price for the product. If the product is not on sale, the sale price will match the unit price.
Total Price Price for an individual product in the order without shipping or tax included. Basically, this is the quantity of a product multiplied by the unit price, or sale price if there is one.
Mobile Number The mobile number included on the order. E.164 phone format (Example: 19195551212)
SMS Consent A box for contacts to check if they want to receive order-based SMS messages for that particular transaction. Values are true or false.
Other An alphanumeric field that can be used to pass order data that does not match any of the other order field criteria. This field is limited to 5,000 characters.