How Bronto Tracks Emails

In order to track emails, the application inserts a hidden piece of HTML called a web beacon into the email.

Web beacons are a common method for tracking internet activity. Each time a recipient pings the web beacon, which happens when the email is viewed with images on, the application tracks the email as opened. For this reason, the application only tracks rich text and HTML messages. The application does not track plain text emails, because it is impossible to pass HTML entities, like web beacons, via simple plain text emails. Additionally, if an email client blocks images from downloading, then the application cannot register the email as opened. You should also remember that any contact that clicks an email without downloading images will still count as an implicit open.

We currently track all data at the time our reporting system records a metric (for example, an open occurs, a click occurs, etc.), and not at the time an email is sent. Thus, if a contact was removed from a list or segment that an email was sent to, then the report for that message and delivery would include data for that contact in the message and delivery report, but not in the delivery recipient reports. Because of this, you may notice a discrepancy between your totals on a message or delivery report, and the numbers that appear on the delivery recipient reports. This discrepancy could include lower values for metrics on a delivery recipient report, where contacts were removed from a list or segment, and higher metrics values for message and delivery reports that contain data for contacts who appear on more than one list or segment.