Health Check Overview

Bronto automatically checks the health of your NetSuite, Shopify, and Magento connectors every day.

Bronto runs several health check tests for your connectors every day. These tests are run automatically and cannot be rerun on demand. You will be able to see if your connector has encountered an issues and, if so, how to resolve those issues.

To see the health check for each connector, go to the Connectors page and click the Health Check button. On the Health Check page you will see the status of each of your connectors.

If the connector has passed all of the health check tests, you will see Pass. If your connector encountered any issues, you will see the number of issues for the connector. To see what the issues are, click the arrow on the left side of the connector. You will see a list of issues and their resolutions. After you fix the issue, it will disappear the next time the test is run.

Table 1. Health Check Tests
Test Description
Deleted List Detects whether a list that is mapped no longer exists.
Deleted Field Detects whether a contact field that is mapped no longer exists.
Transactional Message Detects whether a selected transactional message is approved.
Platform Communication Detects if Bronto can communicate with the integration. This test is only run for NetSuite and Magento.