SMS Basic Keywords

The Basic Keywords table allows you view all of the basic SMS keywords you have set up in your account. You can view the Basic Keywords table by going to Messages > SMS Keywords. Each column in this table is described below:

Tip: Basic, or non-subscription based keywords are meant for individual transactional interactions. With non-subscription based keywords, a recipient texts in to a keyword and a response is sent back. The interaction ends there. The recipient is not added to a list because they have not agreed to receive future marketing messages from you.
Note: When a person texts in to a keyword, the keyword must be the first thing contained in the SMS message they are sending to you. Additional content is allowed, but the keyword must be first.
Column Name Description
Keyword The name assigned to the keyword.
SMS Short Code The short code the SMS keyword is on. An SMS short code is basically a short version of a phone number associated with SMS messages you send. It allows recipients of an SMS message to identify where the SMS message is from, and also allows them to respond (subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.) The default short code for US and Canada is 33233 and the default for the UK is 63233. If your account does not use a default short code, you can view your short code by going to Settings > Platform Settings > SMS Settings.
Description The description is an internal designation you use to describe what the keyword is for.
Created The date the keyword was created.