Recommendations Web Site Configuration

Recommendations Web requires that different blocks of code are added to your site in order for it to be able to work properly.

These code blocks fall into three categories:
  • Code that allows Bronto to exchange data.
  • Code that tells Bronto where to place the recommendation on the page.
  • Code that provides an identifier the app can use to match recommendations to pages.

The first two types of code are required. The third code is only necessary when your site doesn't have unique page identifiers that can be used instead.

Data Exchange

In order to exchange data with Recommendations Web, you need to:
  1. Adding the Script Manager Code to Your Site. This code is used to capture contact browsing activity including the products being viewed.
  2. Add
    <script type="text/javascript" defer="defer">
    as the last piece of code on your website pages.

With this code in place, each page will look to capture the contact browsing, the product being viewed and any other pertinent information provided on the page, and will make a request for results of the recommendation(s) associated to the Identifier matched to that page, based on your Identifier settings within the Recommendations app.

Recommendation Placement

You need to place bronto-rec div tags on your website pages so Bronto knows where on a page to place each recommendation block. See Use Div Tags To Place Recommendations Within A Page for complete details on how to do this.

Identifier Code

Identifiers are values from your website that can be used to identify a page or a set of pages. Typically part of a URL path can be used as an identifier. However, when this isn't possible you can add code to your site's pages that will create an identifier Bronto can use. See Add A Page Identifier Script To Your Site for complete details on how to do this.