Recommendations Web Settings

Recommendations Web provides a Settings page you can use to configure default values for identifiers and to define how the recommendations should behave on your website.

You can access Recommendations Web settings by going to Commerce > Recommendations, clicking the Recommendations Web icon, then clicking on the Settings tab.

App Settings

App settings provide a default recommendation block design. If you do not configure the design for a recommendation that is associated with an identifier then these settings will be used.

Setting Description
Layout The default layout design. This will be Bronto Predefined Recommendation until you select a different layout.
Starting Position The starting point to use in your recommendation result set. If you wish to start with the best products from your results, set this value to 1. This will be the most common value to set.
Number of Results The number of products you want to display on your site.
Number of Products Per Row The number of products from your results you want to display on each line. If you select a number less than the Number of Results, products will be displayed on multiple rows.

This option is not available if you enable Scrolling.

Scrolling Design Enabling this displays results with scrolling arrows rather than displaying multiple rows of data. This option is a good way to show a larger number of results to visitors in a limited space on your site.

When the visitor gets to the end of the results, clicking the right or down arrow will return to the first set of products.

Number of Products Per Scroll Only visible when you enable Scrolling. The number of products to display at one time within the scrolling arrows.
Select a design Only visible when you enable Scrolling. Choose from a list of horizontal and vertical designs for your scrolling. Choosing
  • Horizontal displays results horizontally with arrows displayed to the left and right of the products.
  • Vertical displays results vertically with arrows displayed above the products.
Preview Product This Product ID will be used to preview layout designs in the Layout Editor and on the Layouts Dashboard. When editing, you can use the Magnifying Glass to search your product catalog.

Site Settings

Site Settings helps you to define how product data should be used to display results, what to do when unexpected circumstances occur and whether or not to track clicks for reporting.

Setting Description
Sale Price Rule Lets you display dynamic product content in your results based on a product being on sale. To use this, choose the rule that aligns to how your data will be represented in your product catalog to indicate the product is on sale. This option is only available if you have the appropriate fields mapped in your product catalog.
Disable all Recommendations Web usage When enabled, this blocks recommendations from executing. No recommendations will be sent to your site.
Use Offline Storage Recommendations Web stores a copy of the results of your site’s Default Recommendation (defined on the Global Settings page) offline for access in the unlikely event Bronto experiences downtime or extreme slowness. This storage occurs once a day.

When this option is enabled, if response times become slow, the offline results are used to populate your recommendation, ensuring something is always displayed to the user. This assumes your default recommendation is producing results. If it is not producing results, you will receive an email when we attempt to store these results nightly.

If this option is disabled and slowness occurs, no products will be displayed for the recommendation(s).

Use Default Recommendations When this option is enabled, if a requested recommendation does not return sufficient results to meet the requested number of products, the recommendation’s setting for whether or not to use the default recommendation will be ignored, and the default will always be used.

This allows you to have a different set of logic for usage of the default recommendation for your email messages and your site.

Send Google Analytics click events When this setting is enabled, all links in your product display will be appended with a Google Analytics click event, which when clicked will send an event to Google Analytics with the recommendation id and product id clicked. This data can be viewed in Google Analytics if your website has it configured for event tracking.
Display Audit Log for Live Mode When this setting is enabled, a log of actions taken by the Recommendations Web JavaScript will be displayed in the browser’s Developer Tools Console tab.

When disabled, this log can still be viewed at any time by typing the command bronto('log:print') in the Console.