Using Google Analytics with Pop-Up Manager

You can use Google Analytics with Pop-Up Manager and see reports on pop-up view, click, and submission events.

Pop-Up Manager Configuration

To see reporting in Google Analytics, you must enable the Google Analytics Event Tracking when you Activate a Pop-Up . When this setting is enabled, your pop-up links are appended with a Google Analytics click event. When it is clicked, an event goes to Google Analytics with the event category, event action, and event label.

Google Analytics Configuration

You must also have Google Analytics loaded on your website. We support both the Analytics.js and Gtag.js solutions that Google offers.
Note: If you integrated Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager (GTM), you need to integrate Pop-Up Manager event tracking through GTM as well.

Google Analytics Reporting

Within Google Analytics, Pop-Up data is broken down into the following classifications:
  • Event Category – The category is the type of display. Options include:
    • Bronto Pop-ups - Desktop for desktop pop-ups

    • Bronto Pop-ups - Mobile for mobile pop-ups

    • Bronto Exit Intent - Desktop for desktop pop-ups triggered by exit intent

    • Bronto Ribbon - Desktop for desktop ribbons

    • Bronto Ribbon - Mobile for mobile ribbons

  • Event Action – The actions for a pop-up. Views are when a pop-up or ribbon is displayed. Submissions refer to when a pop-up is submitted. Clicks refer to when a ribbon is clicked.
  • Event Label – The name of the pop-up or exit intent pop-up. If the event is for a ribbon, the text Dynamic Ribbon shows.