The updateSMSDeliveries function allows you to update SMS deliveries.


writeResult = bApi.updateSMSDeliveries(smsDeliveryObject[] deliveries);


Name Type Required Description
id string Yes The unique id assigned to an SMS delivery.
start dateTime No The date the delivery is scheduled to be sent.
messageId string No The id assigned to the SMS message being used in the SMS delivery.
status string No The status of the SMS delivery. Valid values for this function are:
  • skipped
content string Yes The content used in the SMS delivery.
Note: SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. The following text must be included somewhere in the body of the SMS message: Text STOP to end
recipients deliveryRecipientObject[] Yes An array of the recipients who are scheduled to receive the SMS delivery.
fields smsMessageFieldObject[] No An array of the API fields and data to substitute into the SMS message being sent by this SMS delivery.