Name Type Required Description
type filterType Required if more than one filter is being defined. Defaults to AND if no typeis specified. Used to define multiple filters.
id string[] No The unique id assigned to an SMS keyword.
name stringValue[] No Allows you to match messages based on criteria involving the name of the message.
keywordType string[] Yes The type set for the SMS keyword. Valid values are:
  • basic – Basic keywords are non-subscription keywords meant for individual transactions. With basic keywords, a person texts into a keyword and a response is sent back. The interaction ends there. The recipient is not added to a list because they have not agreed to receive future marketing messages from you.
  • subscription – Subscription based keywords require a person to choose to receive SMS messages from you by texting into a given keyword. Contacts who subscribe to a subscription based keyword will be added to a list so that you can send SMS messages to them in the future.
  • text2join – text2join keywords allows you to grow your list by providing a way for potential contacts to text their email address in and automatically be added to one of your lists.