The following settings are applied to email replies that are handled by the application when reply tracking is enabled for a delivery. Reply classification, similar to spam filtering, cannot perfectly identify all emails. Before enabling any of these options you should send several deliveries to ensure that the automatic classifications are accurate for your messages.

Name Type Description
deletedAutomatedReplies boolean Handles automated replies, such as vacation replies.
deleteSpam boolean Deletes replies determined by the application to be spam.
handleUnsubscribes boolean Unsubscribes contacts whose replies match key words set in the unsubscribeKeywords option.
unsubscribeKeywords string Keywords (comma separated) used to classify replies as unsubscribe requests. Used in conjunction with handleUnsubscribes.
replyForwardEmail string Replies that are not caught by the above filters will be forwarded to these addresses (comma separated).
deleteUnsubscribeReplies boolean Deletes replies determined to be unsubscribe requests.