The readSMSMessages function attempts to return SMS messages that match the given filter.


The readSMSMessages function may return 1 or many SMS message objects. See the documentation on the smsmessageObject for a list of the data fields that could potentially be returned. For more information on result limits and paging, see How To Read Objects.

Note: The data fields returned depend on the type of data you ask for in your request.


smsmessageObject[] messages = bApi.readSMSMessages(filter messageFilter, includeContent, pageNumber);


Name Type Required Description
filter messageFilter Yes A filter used for returning specific SMS messages.
includeContent boolean Yes Returns a string of the SMS message content.
pageNumber int Yes Retrieves the next “batch” of objects as the value specified increases from 1. In order to obtain an entire set of objects for a given call, you should increase the number value assigned to pageNumber until no more objects are returned.