A segment is a logical, dynamic group of contacts that match a certain set of criteria that you define. Think of segments as dynamic lists. Criteria can include matching based on contact field data, contact behavior (opening/clicking messages, etc.), and more. You can use segments to automatically group together contacts for reporting and sending purposes that match conditions important to your business needs.

Name Type Description
id string The unique id assigned to the segment. You can obtain the id for a segment by calling readSegments, or by looking at the footer when viewing the overview page for an individual segment in the application.
name string The name assigned to the segment.
rules segmentRuleObject[] The segmentRuleObject has been deprecated. While it is possible, but unlikely, that your call might return rules this data is not reliable. The rules used to defined which contacts will belong to the segment.
lastUpdated dateTime The date the segment was last updated or ran.
activeCount long The total number of active contacts currently belonging to the segment.