The remail object contains data about a remail. Remails allow you to send another email to contacts based on actions they did not take. The goal is to persuade them to continue along the conversion process. The remail object is used with the addDeliveries call.

Name Type Description
days int The number of days until the remail will trigger.
time string

The time at which the remail will trigger. The time should be in 24 hour format: HH:MM:SS

Note: Do not add a time zone offset for the remail time. The time for the remail will use the time zone specified for the delivery object.
subject string The subject line to be used for the remail.
messageId string The unique id assigned to the message being used for the remail.
activity string

The activity that will trigger the remail. Valid values are:

  • noopen
  • opennoclick
  • clicknoconvert