Any field data you use in a message must be smaller than 1 MB.

Name Type Description
fieldId string The id of the field you want to update. You can obtain a field id by calling readFields.
content anyType The data you want to add to the field. The type of data you add to the field should match the type set for the field (text, date, integer, etc.).

The type of field:

  • text – Text box (max character limit: 65535)
  • textarea – A large multi-line text box (max character limit: 65535)
  • password – A text box that hides typed characters (max character limit: 65535)
  • checkbox – A boolean value of true (checked) or false (cleared). Accepts a string value of true or false
  • radio – Radio buttons. Accepts values that are predefined in the UI or a value that is passed in, if it is not already defined, but it will not be saved as a new option.
  • select – Pull-down menu
  • integer – Accepts any 10-digit, whole number less than or equal to 2147483647. If you need to store a static number (a number that is not incrementing or decrementing), we suggest using either a predefined field, or a custom field with a type of Text. For example, to store telephone numbers use one of the predefined fields created for storing telephone numbers. If you are storing incrementing or decrementing numbers in a custom field created with a type of Number, be mindful of the 10 digit, 2147483647 limit.
  • currency – Accepts any positive or negative number with two decimal points (max character limit: 15)
  • float – Accepts any positive or negative number with a decimal point (max character limit: 53)
  • date – A value that matches a specific date. See dateValue for more information on the date format.