Name Type Required Description
type filterType Not required but defaults to AND if no type is specified. Defines whether all start dateValue filters must match the delivery or if a single match is sufficient.
id string[] No The unique id of the specific delivery you want to read.
messageId string[] No The unique id of the message you want to read deliveries for.
start dateValue[] No Allows you to read data for deliveries based on their send date. In the deliveryFilter, the value you set for the start li represents the send date of the delivery.
  • See the example code below to see how to read deliveries made in a specific date range.
  • If you want to read data for deliveries that were made outside of the data retention policy, include archived in the status array.
status string[] No The status of this delivery:
  • sent
  • sending
  • unsent
  • archived
  • skipped
  • tmp
deliveryType string[] No The type of delivery:
  • normal - A regular email delivery sent via the application GUI.
  • test - A test delivery.
  • automated - A delivery sent via an Automator or Automated Message Rule.
  • split - A delivery made as part of an A/B split test.
  • transactional -Transactional delivery
  • triggered – API triggered delivery.

    When you pass null as a value, all deliveries that are not Forward to a Friend will be returned. Any invalid value passed will lead to a bulk results being returned.