The addSMSMessages function allows you to add new SMS messages to your account.


writeResult = bApi.addSMSMessages(smsMessageObject[] messages);


Name Type Required Description
name string Yes The name of the SMS message.
messageFolderId string No; default is the root (top-level) folder The id of a folder to add the SMS message to.
shortenUrls boolean Yes

Set to true if the SMS message should use shortened URLs.

In addition to shortening URLs, which allows for more content, this setting also allows the application to track the URLs used in the message. URLs will be shortened when the message is sent. The character count takes this into account, and thus represents the count for the message as if the URLs were shortened.

content string Yes

The content for the SMS message.

SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. The following text must be included somewhere in the body of the SMS message: Text STOP to end